Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Advanced Technology Produces High Quality Moulds

Moulding system plays a very important role in food and beverages packing industry. Quality Preform Moulds manufacturers employ latest technologies, engineering innovation and mould making technical know-how among other expertise to design and manufacture PET moulds that score high on parameters of reliability, cost efficiency and superior part quality. 

Quality firms with proven expertise in mould making can design preform with both standard and non-standard neck/shape/volume for an extensive range of water bottles as well as bottles that are to be used for a variety of beverages, oils and medicines, etc  packaging.

Good manufacturers make use of high quality steel like special anti-rust mould steel and alloy steel to build different parts of the moulds. This is important as stainless steel stacks do an excellent job of moulding surface corrosion. This property of steel is going to save you a lot of money in refurbishing and conversion cost. Usage of high quality materials in manufacturing also ensures ultra-long mould lives.

Hot runner system used by well-established manufacturers ensures quick and efficient heating effect for preform production. The primary benefit of using this system is that it significantly reduces wear and tear of moulded part. Apart from maintenance cost you also get to save on energy cost. Variety of stack designs and surface finish gives you the freedom of tailoring each application to meet your own specific needs and requirements. 

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Ashish Tools with dedicated state of the art facilities, industry leading productivity, superior reliability and excellent concentricity offers Pet Planet, pet preform planet, caps and closure moulds, PET blow mould, etc that conforms to the highest standards of quality. 

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